We provide tools, data and inspiration for tackling the major tech business challenges and policy issues of our time.

Our twice-annual Summits set the cadence for Copia's mission, bringing together experts from every side of the conversation, with a focus on real-world results and solutions.

We're doing away with endless debates and talking heads. Our Summits are based around group discussions with concrete goals. These discussions are just step one in the process: we'll leave each one with a plan to move forward on the issues and effect real change.

Explore the Copia Library of research and publications » View the agenda from our 2015 Inaugural Summit »

Disruptive Innovations

We explore nascent innovations with far-reaching impacts like health data, 3D printing, blockchain technology and cognitive computing. View the case studies »

Policy Challenges

We discuss imporant policy and legal challenges around topics like copyright, patents, privacy and free speech.

Innovation Principles

We gathered the general counsels of major tech companies to draft a Statement of Innovation Principles, which will soon be revised and opened up for public feedback.

Freedom of Speech

We're passionate about freedom of speech, and seek input from a wide variety of parties on ways to encourage free and open expression in the digital age.

Copia is an ongoing project that takes ideas and inspiration from our twice-annual Summits and turns them into real projects that we coordinate. We'll be publishing research, building tools, holding followup events and more. Copia members have the opportunity to be involved every step of the way, helping to produce tangible results that benefit them and the world of innovation at large.

Joining Copia

Copia is a membership-based network that works year-round to foster innovation. There are various tiers of one-year membership packages, all of which include access to our twice-annual Summits.

Individual Membership

Individuals can purchase their first year of Copia membership online, including full access to the Inaugural Summit and our upcoming Fall Summit.

Sponsorship & Fellowship

Organizations can become Copia sponsors and purchase multiple memberships for their key team members or to be given out as fellowships in their name.

Contact us to learn more

To learn more about becoming a member, contact join@copia.is
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Direct all press and media inquiries to press@copia.is

You can also contact Copia founder Mike Masnick directly at mike.masnick@copia.is with your questions, comments and ideas.