Explore the future of money, monetization, currency, and payments with a fun group game set in a fictional dystopian city.

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In Money City, players take on the role of key factions with competing visions, coming up with innovative and unexpected strategies as they fight to get out from under the thumb of the all-powerful MegaCorp and shape the future of the city. By exploring these ideas in a fun and creative fictional setting, players in each session generate multiple unique ideas that raise interesting questions, insights, and possibilities about our own world.

First developed for MozFest 2021 with support from Grant For The Web, Money City is playable online using conference platforms like Spatial Chat or Zoom and is freely available as an open source playkit under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license so you can run it yourself. Or, you can arrange a facilitated session hosted by Copia Gaming and run by the game’s creators. You can also check out our recap documents that outline the results of past games and the ideas they generated.