Roundtable: Innovation Principles

With the General Counsels of Twitter, LinkedIn, Mozilla and more.

Today, everyone bears some of the responsibility for ensuring that we continue to promote innovation rather than stymie it, and it’s to that end that Copia is creating the Statement of Innovation Principles. To kick off this ongoing project, we hosted this roundtable with the General Counsels of innovative companies at the 2015 Copia Inaugural Summit to discuss our initial draft of the Statement.

Roundtable Participants: Vijaya Gadde (Twitter), Blake Lawit (LinkedIn), Bart Volkmer (Dropbox), Denelle Dixon-Thayer (Mozilla), Ken Carter (Cloudflare), Paul Sieminski (Automattic), Liz Simon (General Assembly)

Roundtable: Free Expression & The Internet

With Michelle Paulson, Sarah Jeong and Dave Willner

Freedom of expression online is a more complicated topic than many people think. Government censorship is one thing, but there’s also the question of how to promote open and diverse speech in a world where the vast majority of communication happens through a handful of proprietary digital platforms. In this roundtable discussion from the 2015 Copia Inaugural Summit, we look at possible answers to this question and examine the implications of digital expression on culture and society.

Roundtable Participants: Michelle Paulson (Senior Legal Counsel, Wikimedia Foundation), Sarah Jeong (Lawyer/Writer), Dave Willner, (Policy, Safety, Privacy & Support, Secret)

The Story Of Abundance

Introducing the Copia Institute

In the opening address from the 2015 Copia Inaugural Summit, founder Mike Masnick talks about the story of abundance and the unique conditions that have made California a hub of tech innovation. Watch the video to learn more about the Copia Institute and our view on promoting innovation by focusing on openness and freedom.